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Skye: Is the Scots tourist destination too popular?

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Skye: Is the Scots tourist destination too popular?

Skye is world-renowned for its breathtaking scenery, great local seafood and unique culture.

This combination means thousands of tourists make the trip across to the island each month, and many businesses rely on their custom.

Now tourist chiefs are trying to stop so many coming, as they struggle with the vast numbers packing out hotels and B&Bs during this summer.

A mixture of good weather and decreased travel fares are bringing record numbers into the island.

Locals say all hotels, hostels and B&Bs have been booked up for months and an emergency centre has been set up this week for those who have nowhere to go.

The influx of visitors has not just affected local accommodation. Residents and businesses are reporting huge traffic problems during the summer months.

A local B&B owner started a petition for increase infrastructural investment to deal with the increase. …

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